Monday, July 14, 2008

Swat Kats

By the time my laptop undergoes an OS revamp, I think its time to post a new blog.

Well well well ! .. ! Who says you can't watch cartoons when are 25+? Infact, this is the time when you most need it. It brings out the sleeping child in you. The child which was sleeping for the past 5-6 yrs or so.

Making an easy guess, I can say peoples favorites must have been the famous "Tom & Jerry", "Duck Tales", "Tales spin" , "Popeye". But, most of them haven't heard of this one "Swat Kats". Its my very special cartoon and I can't tell how happy I feel at this moment watching it after 10yrs. Yes, you got it right ... 10 yrssssss .. ! It was way back in 1998 when I used to watch it on the only cartoon TV channel in India .. Cartoon Network .. Tuning on it Mondays thru Friday 4-4:30 PM was so much fun. Be it exams or any other important stuff, I always saved those half an hour time of my day time to watch this Cartoon.

Two cartoon characters T-bone and Razor stands out from the whole list of cartoon characters. They build a turbo jet from the craps lying in the junkyard, where they used to work. T-bone was the pilot, while Razor did all the shooting stuff. Their mission was to save the Mega-Kat city from the devils of DarkKat, Dr Wiper , MetallicKats and others.

A very thrilling and strategic cartoon will always has a soft corner in my heart. I never thought I would ever get a chance to watch them again. But, technology has come along so well, that I can watch them on YouTube anytime.

I was just talking to my friends about this cartoon. And, to my surprise 4 out 4 have heard about or seen them during their childhood days. I never knew SwatKats were famous amongst other children too.

Click here to watch the first episode.
Warning : The likes of SwatKats can lead to a non-stop 14 episode viewing.

Click here to read more about them on Wikipidea.

Enjooooooy ! as I have Alwaysssss :)

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