Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coming back to life

Well, this is my first blog. The ever pending thing in my life. I should have started doing this thing much early in my life. But, as its always said "Better late than never". :)

To begin with, I am desperate enough to change my daily routine. I usually sleep at 4 in the morning and wake up at 12 in the noon. I am totally fed up of this life style I am living. I should live life like a Human and not like an OWL.

Efforts are always made to get things back on track but more often than not they go in vain.

Let me give it one last try and start "Coming back to life."

P.S. blogging is also an effort to improve my English writing.So, guys if you find some bugs ( as they say in software terms), do let me know the fix :)


Hitesh said...

I like your template man...

Kapil Dalwani said...

karlee copy :)

Abhishek Rath said...

Well its about time that you did something more constructive :D ..! Glad to see so many friends starting their own blogs.

Hmm... about the routine well being your roomie I can totally understand from where this thought of yours is coming.. So do I want to get out of this illogical disconnections that have bound US...!

Hopefully we are trying things from our side and soon we shall be on track :D ...!
ChEeRz BrO ...!

PS: KeeP blOggiN..!