Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Rock On!!

Although, I am not a movie critic, but "ROCK ON" inspired me to write a blog dedicate to it.
Just two word sums-up the movie "Its Rocking". :)

In midst of 3 assignments pending tomorrow and day-after, I am still writing to express how mesmerized I have been by the movie and its rocking Song.

The movie has some really nice Hindi-ROck songs. You really can't stop urself from feet tapping or head banging. The later one is the most natural though. ;)

Its a story of 4 members of a ROCK band named "MagiK", who reunite after having some ego clashes with in between them. I am not writing here to discuss the story of the movie. You can probably "google" to find about the drama.

For me, its more related to Jamming in a garage and performing LIVE shows !:)
4 guys.. Farah Akhtar - Vocalist, Arjun Rampal- The Lead guitars and other two really did a AWESOMEEEEEE job in the movie.

3 songs really stands out ..
a) Live performance of Phichle Saat Dino
b) Tum hoo toh .
c) sindabad teh sailor...

b) and c) are actually two back-2-back live performance. Song c) starts when Arjun rampal makes his entry in the Song with his lead guitar. The previous song is only sung by the trio, who have no other choice to perform when Arjun fails to turn up again! Keep an eye on how the tune of the song changes after he makes his entry. Thats the most enjoying moment in the movie ;)

Chekc out the mOVIE.. and u will really eNjoY
Awesome work by Farhan Akhtar..his team!

Truly,the best LIVE song I have ever heard .. gotta be ROCK ;)

So ........."ROCK ON" ...!...!

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